When buying on Callawassie Island, you are not just buying a property, you are buying a piece of the Island and Members Club.  More importantly you are buying into an active and productive lifestyle that leads to enduring friendships.  That’s where Callawassie Sales comes in.  We have intimate knowledge of Callawassie Island and can give you the insight into the ins and outs of ownership.

We recognize that Callawassie Island is not right for everyone, therefore we provide links to profiles and listings of somewhat comparable Select Communities.

Make sure you are properly represented.

Become a client of an agent/broker.  You may be reluctant to sign a Buyer’s Agency Agreement, but these can be limited to cover different times, geographic areas, types of properties, etc.    There is no fee or commission for us being your agent/broker.  

Buyer’s Agency Agreement includes many ways for your agent to be funded.  We do not charge buyers any fees, provided the seller offers commissions to selling agents/brokers.  As such only Option D will apply.

If you choose to not become a client, no problem, we are willing to work with you as a customer.  The state requires that we explain your options to you.  An Agency Disclosure  is provided for you to acknowledge that you understand. 

If you are already working with another agent, let us know and we will arrange the support they need.