Home Designs

Lowcountry Architects – typically have collections of home designs that can provide buyers with a vast choice of ideas Allison-Ramsey, Moser Design Group, and Court-Atkins are just some that have their designs built on Callawassie Island.  Messers Court and Atkins both own property on Callawassie Island, often consult with ARC, and have designed several homes in the portfolio of Artisan Custom Builders. Participating Builders are familiar with many of these designs.   William Poole and Southern Living House Plans can provide hours of entertainment if you are really into it!

William Hirsch, our own award winning Architect with a best selling book on Amazon, “Designing Your Perfect House”, has 2nd home on Callawassie Island.  His compelling approach starts with with YOU, resulting in a truly custom home integrating your needs, the home, and environment with a focus on life-cycle costs. Check out his blogs. Bill is also developing a portfolio of homes and cottages customized to Callawassie Island, that simplify the custom building process, reducing costs, risk, and schedules. 

Our Builders typically tweak home designs in their portfolios for Callawassie Island, where views and integration with nature and the neighborhood are essential.