Callawassie Sales provides a myriad of Services for Owners even if you have no intention of buying or selling at the moment.  Think of us as your neighbor and trusted advisor.  Just text, email, or call, and we will put you on our distribution lists. 

  • We host a Owners’ Perspectives Website to provide insight into the history of Callawassie Island Sales, Marketing, Building, etc.
  • We sponsor email subscriptions to the National Association of Realtors’ E-Property Watch, which will keep you informed of local sales and your property value, similar to what Zillow, but more accurate because NAR has the latest data.
  • We will provide free Comparable Market Analysis that will give you an up to the moment value for your property.
  • We have handy postcards worthy of posting on your cabinet or refrigerator.  Our latest is a list of phone numbers for Callawassie Island, Emergencies, Utilities, etc.  Text/email me and I’ll deliver one to your tube. 
  • We can help you find documents such as deeds, plats, maps, and tax records.
  • We have helped many regarding appeal of tax assessments.
  • We offer support for owners who rent their property; think of us as your on-site presence.

In addition we can help owners sell,  buy and possibly trade properties, and are thoroughly knowledgeable regarding consolidation of abutting lots and membership implications.

We all know the rights of grandfathered owners not requiring a membership, but few know the rights of grandfathered members.  Give us a call if you’d like to know how a grandfathered member can purchase a property without requiring a second membership and how they can subsequently take advantage of their grandfathered owner’s rights.