Callawassie Sales can advise you on the best way to market your property, and will keep you up to date regarding status. Contact us today for a free market analysis to find what your home is worth and customized recommendations to further help you meet your specific objectives and needs.

We take advantage of all the benefits MLS provides in exposing properties locally and nationally.  We list properties in both the Beaufort and Hilton Head MLS.  Don’t miss out on either market. 

Sell with Callawassie Sales?

This simple question is one that needs to be answered right away. Why should a homeowner trust you to sell their home in the shortest amount of time and for the most amount of money?

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When it comes time to sell you property, choose Joe Tatarski. 843-441-5760.  There are a myriad of contract possibilities and solutions that can help alleviate financing issues, delay/avoid membership requirements, and investment opportunities.

As a Zillow Premier Agent, Joe Tatarski gets dozens of leads many of which are qualified for Callawassie Island.  He maintains this website along, with which finds potential buyers looking for upscale properties in the entire Lowcountry. 

Many baby boomers feel that they have waited too long and want to act while in their “go-go” years as opposed to their “go slow” or “no go” years. Home sellers should consider making the buying decision easier for a buyer (and enjoy the benefits in the interim) by remodeling their property and making landscaping improvements.  Staging a vacant home is well worth what amounts to a modest cost. 

We strive to be the the Realtor of choice for owners wishing to sell their property. We believe that our knowledge of the Island, and the history of sales, building and marketing, is unique. We prefer to work with knowledgeable sellers and are willing to share what we know to assure your goals are met.

Getting ready to List 

Previewing and understanding the role of the following documents will speed the listing process.

  • Agency Disclosure – explains the relationship between agent/broker and client.  The state requires that this must be explained and acknowledged before any meaningful discussion occurs. 
  • Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement – the state listing contract; a HHI-MLS one can alternatively be used.
  • Listing Input – typical property information needed to list a property in MLS.
  • Property Disclosure – form to be completed by a seller, to advise the buyer on known issues.  An addendum is included to cover community issues.
  • Property Info Sheet – a simple sheet that outlines the cost of ownership and upkeep of the property.