Callawassie Sales takes great pride in the relationships with customers, clients and colleagues built around honesty, integrity and accurate and timely communications. 

Joe Tatarski is a Realtor and Broker and champion of Callawassie Island.  His knowledge of upscale communities enables him to represent buyers and sellers alike.   Joe’s Bio

Sellers: During his 6 years on the CIPOA board Joe Tatarski was instrumental in rejuvenating sales and marketing and contracting with Coastal Real Estate Solutions at the Welcome Center.  He now works for Coastal Real Estate Solutions Port Royal Office where he continues his long history of helping to expose folks to, and close deals at, Callawassie Island. He is in a great position to market and sell your home or homesite. (What’s My home worth?)

Buyers: Callawassie Sales believes that YOU should be represented by your agent. Nobody know and understands Callawassie better than we do.  We thoroughly understanding Callawassie Island, the ins and outs of ownership, the inventory of properties and the history of sales and building.  We are able to position the value of Callawassie Island as well as other Select Communities.

Cooperating Agents and Sub-agents: We recognize the value of you bringing buyers, and will readily assist you in selling Callawassie Island, regardless of who has taken the listing.  Our goal is to establish relationships with you so you better understand and appreciate Callawassie Island.  You retain your client relationships and commissions. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Owners We are dedicated to a thriving and vibrant Callawassie Island enabled by timely sales, and the constant influx of new members.  We attempt to improve understanding through factual information, and maintain an Owners Perspective Website regarding the history of sales, marketing and building.

Testimonials  Past clients sing our praises.